Run San Diego!

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how many times have you packed running shoes on a trip but never used them? San Diego is a playground for runners. Perfect weather. Great running paths. take your pick - endless trails, scenic ocean views, cool neighborhoods, an iconic park. But when you visit, do you know where to go to get your miles in?

Step by Step Run Co. provides guided runs for people visiting San Diego. We help you stay active and accountable while traveling.

We offer guided running tours with unique experiences and PacePartners for travelers who want to run with a local, like a local .

Visiting San Diego? Guided running tours are an excellent way to see San Diego's beautiful neighborhoods.

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What’s a pacepartner? we connect you with a local run buddy that keeps you accountable when you travel to san diego.

A PacePartner takes you off the beaten path that would be around your hotel and has you seeing san diego like a local.

A Pacepartner meets you on your schedule to pace you for that tempo or long run that you’re dreading to do alone.

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oh, did you Leave your running shoes at home? not to worry, we got you covered! 

Tell us your size and we'll provide you with shoes from saucony for free.



The founder

name: Iman 

where is home: Born & raised in North Carolina, but I home to me is New York City.

first marathon: 2010 NYC, i learned a lot about myself that race-respect the distance and to dig deep, way deep when times look bleek. 

since then I have run 7 marathons: 2 Bostons.2 nycs, vermont, greensboro and bermuda.

most memorable race: 2014 Boston Marathon, the city was electric, full of love and displayed amazing resilience.

Favorite race: NYC, hands down! Starting on the verrazzano bridge hearing frank sinatra playing in the background as you overlook brooklyn, bronx, and manhattan in the distance is amazing. nyc is the best urban playground for a runner.

morning or evening runs: evening, i'm a night owl.

favorite distance: 15k, the perfect distance for speed and endurance!

Favorite place to run: trails and a coastal view, basically most of san diego.

Favorite shoe: I only run in Saucony type a. it's a racing flat meant for 5ks but i wear them for long distances and training. Super light shoe that is perfect for my style and gait!

running icon: Ted Corbitt, the father of long distance running, founder of New York Road runners. If you don't know him then i suggest look him up!

Quirky running habit: I...i don't wear socks when i run. my shoes are so perfectly fitted to my feet that i don't want the extra layer. 

Forefoot or heel striker: i run on my toes!